You’ve heard other startups and superstars tossing this phrase out like t-shirt cannons at a college basketball game. It’s been plastered all over sites like Forbes and FastCompany, which is how you know it’s a real thing. But you’re still not really sure what time blocking is or why everyone is all up in arms about it.

Cue one of my favorite discussion topics!

Here we go, your definitive guide to time blocking (and why it’s awesome)… Time Blocking for Solopreneurs

Let’s start with a primer:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done in a day?
Do you ever end the day with a to-do list longer than when you began the day?
Do you ever feel like the day passed you by without getting anything significant done?

You, my friend, need to explore time blocking and all its bountiful benefits!

In a nutshell, time blocking means you’re going to “block off” aka reserve time (and headspace) for specific tasks.

And when I say bountiful benefits, I mean it! Let’s count the ways this productivity method will help you:

In order to block off any time for specific projects, you will need to estimate in advance how long a particular task or activity will take you, and plan accordingly.

As you create time blocks for specific tasks, you’ll then need to decide when on your calendar to insert that time block. Inherent in this process is prioritizing which projects and tasks are most important.

When you block off time, you’re making a promise to yourself to work only on that task. When you finish a time block, it will be easier to switch modes and ramp up for your next time block, saving you time overall.

During a time block to research awesome business coaches, you won’t be hopping on social media, texting your best friend, or sorting through your email. When you have fewer distractions, you’ll be more productive.

If you’re thinking time blocking won’t work for you because you’re such a people person, let me stop you right there. Time blocking is great to create office hours specifically crafted for communicating with clients and colleagues.

You can create time blocks for just about anything! I encourage this process for all of my clients for everything from social media posting and networking to managing the books and serving clients.

Excited to ditch that feeling of stressful overwhelm with some of this time blocking strategy? Let’s double down on that energy! Schedule a call with me and let’s take action.