Squarespace or WordPress? That was the question.

It literally kept me up for nights.

My head was spinning. All I wanted to do was get some clarity on which platform would be better for my business. But there were so many opinions to sort through!

Have you been there – that place of utter technology confusion?

I reached out to family and friends on Facebook. I posted in groups. I spent hours on the phone with people who specialize in both platforms. (Hey, thanks to those new friends – you know who you are!)

And, then I made a decision to proceed with WordPress.

It seemed that WordPress offered everything I needed to set up a successful website for my business.

And it does.

I couldn’t figure it out, though, because I lack the technical and coding savvy needed to make it all work.

WordPress is amazing, offers so many opportunities for customizations, and can interface with almost any 3rd party plug-in you’d be interested in using.

But I was stuck. I wanted a website that I could set up and change on my own. And this was just not happening for me.

So, after leveling out my frustration, I went back to square one… which led me to Squarespace.

And I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re looking for a web platform for your business, this blog is for you! Because I’m sharing all the ways in which Squarespace won my heart – and helped me maintain my sanity – in a time of confusion.

Here, my friends, are the top 10 reasons why I chose Squarespace…

  1. The drag + drop design feature makes it super easy to build the site. I heard one person compare Squarespace to Apple: “You buy it and it sets itself up.” It’s that easy. (So basically, even I can do it.)
  2. There are plenty of templates and themes from which to choose and there is flexibility to create the look and feel I want within any of them. Everything – from colors to fonts – can be customized to match my branding.
  3. It’s akin to a rental property so management on my end is stress-free (this cannot be under-estimated). Squarespace is continually testing and maintaining the platform so I don’t have to spend time figuring out bugs and breaks, which allows me to focus on other aspects of my business. (The parts I’m actually good at.)
  4. Customer support is strong. Think: real person responds within 1 hour via email. Now thatis customer service.
  5. I can do it. All. By. Myself. (as my kids say) I don’t have to hire a web designer to set it up or make changes along the way. So, in this way, it’s perfect for those of us on a start-up budget.
  6. Fully responsive and mobile friendly, which means I don’t have to spend time making modifications to the mobile view. A true seamless visual experience. Ah…
  7. SEO is strong, contrary to any rumors you may have heard about this. Squarespace offers plenty of ways to customize search engine descriptions, images, captions, etc. which all help with rankings.
  8. eCommerce is integrated. So when I’m ready to start selling products and courses, there’s no coding and no hassle. Just an upgrade.
  9. Security is top-notch so I don’t have to worry (as much) about hacks.
  10. Price is manageable and includes the domain, hosting, and all the website tools I’ll need to build and manage.

If you’re like me – where coding, HTML, and CSS are scary terms and anything technical is daunting – Squarespace is for you. (I promise: they didn’t pay me to say that.)

Sure, it has its drawbacks, too. But as a full-package web platform, it’s a really powerful solution that has me, finally, sleeping again at night.


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