In late December, I had an idea…
rise together movement
Imagine sitting in a room filled with 200+ of the most badass women who are all interested in changing the world. Women who are talented and passionate and inspired to help others. Women who lead by example and who want to live fulfilling lives. Women who challenge the status quo and know that when we come together, support one another, share ideas and raise each other up — we become our best selves. And that vision – of being in that room and bringing together so many amazing women in one place – is what drove me to create the RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference. What is the RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference, you ask? It’s a one-day conference in Denver, CO on May 15th for women business-builders, innovators, and influencers who are driven to make a difference in our world! It’s a day of learning, inspiring, connecting, and empowering women in business and those who want to start their own business. My goals for the women who attend are:

  • To be inspired. As women working on our own or under someone else’s umbrella, we benefit from ongoing bursts of inspiration. It feels good to hear stories and learn from other women whose experiences mirror ours. And the RTWC will be a day for loads of inspiration.
  • To learn. Real skill-building breakout sessions that will empower women with specific tools, tactics, and resources that can be immediately applied in their business and life. Because lifelong learning is one of the keys to our success.
  • To create community from within. The idea is that our attendees have a space to connect with and create communities of support that they can tap into on an ongoing basis throughout the year. All of our marketing efforts are local to Denver and the surrounding areas for this reason.

RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference is for… Entrepreneurs who are changing the landscape of business here in Denver… People who measure success by their level of happiness and fulfillment in life… Women who lead with authenticity and are inspired by collaboration and connection… It is a place for women to challenge the status quo, step into their own power, and take control of their own future. It’s a place for us to convene, to celebrate one another, to learn from one another, to inspire one another, and to raise each other up. And when we do? We all RISE TOGETHER! May 15th promises to be an incredible day filled with inspiration, new friendships, and lots of learning… I hope you’ll join us at the #RISETogetherCon! Click here to learn everything there is to know about RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference!


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