The #COBossMamas #Meetup last week was all about celebrating our community of amazing women.

Women who work. Women who lead. Women who make lunches while negotiating big deals. Women who manage multiple titles that shift with the time of day.

being a boss and a mom

These are women who celebrate the triumphs and struggle through the stressful moments of juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Can you relate? 

When we gathered last week, each #COBossMama shared the wisdom she’s learned and the inspiration that keeps her going each day as she turns the juggling act into an ART. I’m sharing it all with you today to help inspire your work and life as you navigate #allthethings!

Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

  • Do less better. It’s the whole quality over quantity approach.
  • Just One Thing. That’s all it takes to move towards your goals: just one foot in front of the other, one thing at a time.
  • Exchange expectations for acceptance. OMG, this one is so important! Come to the table with an open mind and accept yourself wherever and however you show up, as well as the same for other people.
  • Never assume that people know the basics (of your life or business). You have an inner language – at home and in your business – that may not be familiar to those around you. You also have skills and talents that seem basic to you but aren’t to others. Never assume that what you say and have to offer is too simple.
  • Own your worth. That’s it. Recognize the value you bring to this world and own it.
  • Count your blessings. We all have them, despite the range of hardships we all face, and it’s important to embrace them.
  • Have your own back. I mean, if you don’t – who will?
  • Own your choices. They’re yours to make.
  • Embrace the process. Not everything is about the end result. Oftentimes the revelations and success are in the process.
  • Forgive. It just makes life easier.
  • Progress not perfection. My 2018 mantra!
  • Know your strengths and areas of opportunity. You have both and it doesn’t make you look weak or unsuccessful to play to each. So, use your strengths and talents and hire out or learn the areas that aren’t your jam. Asking for that support shows your confidence.
  • When you’re okay with it, so is everyone else. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you, too.

What’s your mantra? What are the nuggets of wisdom you’ve learned along your business-building or parenting journey?

If you’re in Denver or the surrounding area and want to join the #COBossMamas group, click here!


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