It’s one week after the very first RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference and I’ve just got to share with you how YOU can have a similar experience.

summoning courage

First thing’s first: RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference (RTWC) is a full-day conference for business-building and innovating women here in Denver and the surrounding areas. What makes this event so unique is our commitment to providing an inspiring space where women can cultivate community, embrace collaboration over competition, and deepen their skills.

This conference was the result of a spark of an idea that I had back in December. It was on a drive to the suburbs (isn’t that when everyone ignites their greatest visions?!?) when I imagined a room filled with the kind of women with whom I had connected since moving to Denver just 1.5 years ago. I got a sense of the energy we could create by bringing together women who were in search of a community of support, those who wanted to learn real skills, women who would empower each other in the true spirit of collaboration, and those who would inspire.

And, five months later – on May 15, 2018 – the RISE TOGETHER community was born!

Okay, now I imagine you saying “Yeah, well, not everyone can just plan a conference.” Or, “That’s too many details for me.” Or “I don’t have the network to fill a room!”

I get it. Pulling together an event of this magnitude takes a whole lot more than a vision ignited during a short car trip.

But I’d like to suggest that you could absolutely do this, too.

So maybe a conference isn’t at the top of your list. But I’d bet that there’s some dream, unrealized idea or a deep desire to create something that’s just hanging out up there in your head, awaiting the perfect moment to make it happen.

Am I right?

Just today, I received an email from someone with a short survey and a note indicating that she was acting on an idea that had been brewing in her mind for years. Years!

And she’s not alone.

If you’re like so many women I know:
You’re smart.
You’re talented.
You’re passionate and want to make a difference – in your own life and in the life of others.

But there’s something holding you back.

Maybe you…
Fear failure.
Fear rejection.
Have a nagging voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough to make stuff happen.

I’ve heard those voices too.

But the RISE TOGETHER Women’s Conference affirmed one thing for sure, and that is:


Ladies, if there is one takeaway you get from this event – whether or not you actually attended – please make it this: you have courage within that is just waiting to be actualized.

The vision I had just five months ago turned into a conference that attracted 150 women; ignited a community of women who are seeking transformation, not transactions; empowered them with real skill-building opportunities; and inspired a new way of women connecting with women.

Imagine what YOU can do if you summon and seize that courage within... It’s really the main difference between those who take action and those who don’t.

Just one step at a time.

Are you ready for the first move?


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