Ready to take your business idea or current startup to the next level?

Download The Entrepreneur’s Startup Kit : Unlock & Optimize Your Potential!

Whether you’ve been dreaming of transforming that business idea of yours into a reality, or you’ve been in business for less than 18 months and are seeing less-than-stellar results, this step-by-step workbook is for you. By completing the prompts in this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Your own limiting beliefs
  • Your strengths, passions and core values
  • Your purpose (also known as your big “why”)
  • How these all connect with your ideal business and lifestyle!

About Rachel Lubchansky


Rachel E. Lubchansky, the founder and CEO of REL Impact and creator of the Sheer Impact Women’s Conference, is a Startup Business Coach helping coaches, creatives, healers and freelancers launch and grow purpose-driven businesses by giving them a step-by-step process and all the tools and resources they need to be successful. She is on a mission to encourage women to challenge the status quo, dream up ambitious goals and intentionally create their future by launching businesses based on what’s most important to them.