You have dreams, like most people.

You aspire to make a change in your life or in your career.

You want something more – for yourself and for your family.

But things feel safe and secure right now. You don’t feel confident that you could actually make something “outside of the box” work for you anyway.

What if things get hard, as you’re reaching for a better life? What if you’re really not cut out to be your own boss? What if you don’t make it happen in a way that works within your lifestyle?

Oh, but what if you don’t try?

Will you feel proud looking back on the past year?

How fulfilled are you going to be 5 years from now if nothing changes?

Might you have any regrets?

Jumping out of the box takes courage, but you’re not going at it blind-folded.

At several points in my life, I’ve faced a fork in the road. I could have continued straight… on the path that felt comfortable, easy, and secure (in some ways).

But I have many times chosen to veer off in a new direction.

Why? What made me believe I could start a business from a simple idea? From where did that courage and confidence come? What gave me the strength to run against the wind?

My mindset.

I knew that I had yet to reach my potential. And with my mind set on growth, achieving fulfillment, and contributing to this world, I felt confident that my entrepreneurial spirit would take me far.

While this mindset may come easily for some of us, it’s not intuitive for others.

Don’t be discouraged!

Not everyone who takes that leap thinks they are made for this lifestyle. But you can learn it. And you have at least one friend right here willing to help 🙂

Sure, jumping out of the box feels scary at times.

But think about how liberating it is to pursue those dreams. That feeling of freedom that accompanies living life as an entrepreneur or solopreneur – where you own your journey and celebrate successes in the way that you envision.

Don’t let self-doubt and fear hold you down because your passions and potential will remain ever-elusive.

Today I’m sharing 6 Action Steps to Boost Your Confidence so that you can realize your passion, purpose, and potential.

1) TALK NICELY TO YOURSELF – You know those conversations you have in your head… you tell yourself you’re not worthy, not good at this or that, could never do what so-and-so has done. You say nasty things to yourself up there, things you would never imagine saying to your worst enemy.

It starts with YOU. No more negative self-talk. Be kind. Give yourself compliments. Notice the little things that make you who you are.

Going from blasé to bright starts right there within you, so push away that nagging negative talker in your head, and warmly embrace a new level of confidence that empowers you with the courage to start saying ‘YES! I can do this!!’

2) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD VIBES – People who are positive and emote good energy make us feel better about ourselves. Just as you’re ditching that negative voice in your head, it’s time to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, notice what’s great about you, give off compliments, and smile.

Maintaining a focus on what’s great (about a situation, person, or life!) feeds a feeling of confidence and strength and can completely shift our perspectives to ones of celebration rather than complaining. And right now, we’re focused on lifting you up!

3) ACCEPT PRAISE– We’re so good at self-sabotage, with comments like “Oh, it really wasn’t a difficult project” or “I’m not really a leader, I just did that once…” or “Are you sure you read that correctly?”

Accepting praise with a simple “THANK YOU” is more important for you than it is to the person who’s delivering the positive feedback. Offering those two words helps you internalize the compliment or feedback and is the first step in accepting that you deserve it.

4) VISUALIZE THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO + THEN KICK IT TO THE CURB – Explore, in your mind, what could happen if you faced that fear or accepted that you’re more talented/stronger/capable than you currently believe.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? And the second worst thing?

Are those nightmares that you’ve created in your mind, or do you really think these scenarios would come to life, if only you… ?

We tend to build up the worst-case scenario in our minds because we’re scared of the truth. We’re afraid that something might happen if we put ourselves out there, like rejection, lack of sales, or failure.

But they are, exactly as they seem when logically thinking them through, figments of our imagination.

It’s time to kick that self-doubt and fear to the curb and spend that energy building yourself up instead!

5) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – When our body and mind are nourished, we feel more confident about ourselves. Physical exercise, eating healthfully, and mindfulness open us up to experiencing focus, clarity, control, and joy.

Without the strength of mind, body, and soul, you won’t be ready to accept that amazing opportunity that comes around the bend.

So consider what action steps you will build into your life that feed that feeling of inner peace and outer confidence.

6) CREATE AN ACTION PLAN – Having a set plan, a strategy, for moving forward is akin to having a map when you’re on a road trip. You wouldn’t drive blindfolded towards your destination, would you? So, create systems, write down your to-do’s, and organize your priorities in a way that allow you to release the burden of overwhelm.


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