Does running a business, managing your love life, taking care of your family, and making time for yourself sound like a tall order? It’s a lot to do in one day! Thankfully, there are a plethora of tools to make time management easier.

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of tools you might be using… meaning scheduling an appointment might take you on a journey through 4 websites just to check your availability!

How To Only Use Google Calendar

To me, having it all means living according to your values in life and business because they’re the same thing! Which is why I believe it’s not only important, but necessary to see your life all in one place. 

 Using just one calendar to view everything you’re working on – all the personal appointments you need to make, and all of the professional events and meetings you want to attend – simplifies your life. Integrating client deadlines, business goals, and personal events into a single calendar will save you time and help you create more head space to focus on what matters most.


I personally use Google Calendar to track everything from dentist appointments for the kids, networking events I want to attend, and meeting times for client calls. Why?

Because it makes it easy to quickly glance at my phone or laptop and immediately know my availability – or better yet, automate new appointments directly into my calendar.


Also, two other platforms I recommend you use to ensure you’re keeping up with your clients’ progress and making yourself available for meetings are Trello and Acuity Scheduling.

Integrating Trello With Google Calendar

I’ve already sung Trello’s praises for the incredible project management system that it is. One of the many awesome benefits of Trello is the ability to connect your board directly to your Google Calendar. You can do this for as many Trello boards as you want!


Then you can easily view a color-coordinated calendar (for each board) on your phone, tablet, or laptop of project tasks and upcoming deadlines, so you can avoid overbooking yourself with meetings when you need to be extra productive.


I love this sync between Trello and Google Calendar because it ensures you’re not pulling up multiple websites or apps, especially when you’re in a rush (all the time, right?!). Since you can also create Trello boards for personal tasks or to-do lists, you can also easily block out time for anything else you want to get done like planning a surprise birthday party for a friend or coordinating a family reunion across the country!

Using Acuity Scheduling With Google Calendar

Acuity Scheduling is another fantastic tool that I simply can’t live without! There are a lot of schedulers out there on the market nowadays, but after a ton of research, I discovered Acuity is hand’s down, the best. It’s incredibly robust that you can customize just about any setting.


It literally takes only seconds to sync your Google Calendar, so that your clients and power partners can schedule a call with you during a time that is convenient for their calendar – all without the lengthy back-and-forth email thread – and also convenient for you. Since you can set your availability in the settings and Acuity reads the rest from your Google Calendar, you never have to worry about being double booked!


I love that you can limit the number of calls per day you take, require ramp up and ramp down time between calendar events, and create multiple meeting types for different calls you have. Since every step is automated – from the initial scheduling to the reminder emails – you’ll save a ton of time on your calendar and put that back into your business for your clients!


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