Did you have a chance to read last week’s post on self-doubt and how it may be holding you back from reaching for what you really want? If not, take a few moments now to check it out. Because the 6 steps I laid out to boost your confidence will prepare you to take the next steps in creating the change that will really fulfill you.

work balance lifeAre you caught up in complacency?

In the midst of our over-scheduled lives, it’s so hard to stop, reflect, and consciously make a choice to make a change.

But there’s no time better than now. Because life is short and it’s meant to be lived, not rolled through.

One of the questions I get more often than any other is:
How do I create a balanced life for myself that includes a meaningful career and my commitment to family?

When my family and I relocated to Denver last summer, I made the conscious decision to abandon my 60-hour a week job so that my husband and kids could be my #1 priority.

I was sick of
…the stress;
…snapping at my kids because I had used all my positive energy at work and had none left by the end of the day;
…making lunches just minutes before heading out at 7:30am because I was too exhausted to do it the night before;
…being accountable to someone else’s goals;
…scrambling to make a well-rounded healthy dinner when I got home at 5pm;
…having to work nights on someone else’s clock.

While I loved the work itself, it was draining and it was taking a toll on my family.

There had to be better for us, I thought.

And so, I dedicated several months to reflection, networking, and research with the hopes of finding that perfect professional and personal fit. (I’m so grateful for my hubby’s day job which allowed for this thoughtful time-off from earning. This is indeed a gift that I don’t take for granted!)

And boy did that process pay off!!

It led me straight to starting my own business – bringing together all of my talent, real-world experience, and passions.

REL Impact allows me to do work that feels purposeful. I’m able to tap into my passion of working with people and organizations to leverage growth and create lasting change. I do it where I want and when I want. (You’ve seen me in coffee shops all over Denver, right?!?) And best of all, it fills me up so I’m at my best for my clients, I’m energized when the kids arrive home after school, and I’m present to laugh with and love my husband.

Isn’t this what we all want? The opportunity to do meaningful work that feels good, satisfies our income goals, and gives us the flexibility to focus on other equally (or more) important aspects of our life too?

This is totally possible for you!

And I’ve created a work-life balance worksheet to walk you through the process of exploring who you are and what you’re missing, and identifying next steps to reach what you’re seeking.

BALANCE: here you come!

How would that feel – to spend a couple hours thinking about YOU – what you want and what you need to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life?

Just think, you could be on your way to creating a life that fills you and pumps you up, while you earn an income.

Too good to be true?

No way. You’ve got this.

Whether or not you think of yourself as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, dadpreneur, mompreneur, or none of the above — you’ve got the talent, passion, and potential to pursue more.

Maybe it’s a part-time side gig, a different full-time job, or a big business…

But first, you’ve got to ditch the self-doubt and home in on the work-life balance that fits with your family and your lifestyle.

So, don’t delay — grab the worksheet and get on the path to discovering more about yourself and what’s missing! You can download it below.


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