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Hi, I’m Rachel !

I’m an entrepreneur, eternal optimist, and creator of REL impact. It is my mission to help talented and passionate women like you create businesses that allow you to live the life you always dreamed of.

As a mom of 9-year-old triplets and wife to Adam Bennett, I am incredibly grateful that I’ve been able to build a business that allows me to live life on MY terms… that I can drive carpool for a field trip in the middle of the day, take my children to their doctor appointments or after-school activities, have a spontaneous lunch date with hubby, or skip town for a few days without anyone docking my days off.

The freedom, flexibility, and friends I’ve created with REL Impact not only give me deep satisfaction and fulfillment in my life but it has also greatly enhanced life for my family.



A few years ago, I found myself in a job where I was overworked, undervalued, and stressed — I knew I had to make a change. I was giving so much of myself to other people and organizations and not enough to myself and my family.

I had reached my tipping point – the point in time where the risk of leaving any security of a paycheck outweighed staying in an unfulfilling place.

After speaking with dozens of women, I heard all the thoughts I had been saying to myself. They wanted work that fueled rather than zapped their energy. They wanted to be a part of something transformational that impacted other lives — that sweet spot where passion, skills, and purpose align in a fully-integrated work life. A job that made them want to jump out of bed each morning excited about the day to come!

This is how REL Impact was born.

And it’s not my first business venture, either: I launched my first business in 2004 at a time when I had no business-building experience. Without a blueprint in-hand, I figured it all out on my own, with good ‘ole fashioned trial-and-error, tons of research, and seemingly endless hours of work.

My vision for REL Impact is to empower other women with everything I’ve learned about building a brand and growing a business — in a way that saves them frustration, time, and money.

I am here to encourage women like you
to challenge the status quo, intentionally create your future,
and secure freedom and fulfillment — however you define it.

You Deserve This

It’s never too early to reclaim your own time and make decisions
based on what YOU want rather than what others expect of you.

The thought of you bringing your intellect, passions and talents into the world
and living a life that sets your soul on fire is why I jump out of bed each and every morning.
I can’t wait to get into my office, meet you for a green tea, or see your inspiring updates online.

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Living in Denver, Colorado.
Serving women worldwide.

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