You have great ideas and big plans. You set out with your to-do’s and you aim to check things off the list.

But you jump around between projects because you’re just not sure where to start. You don’t finish anything. You feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. And you know that you’re destined for so much more if only you could pull it all together!

accountability partnerTaking responsibility for our goals and our lives leads to greater fulfillment and freedom. But many of us have trouble implementing the systems and strategies to achieve… and we need just a little bit of support to help us get there.

Is this you?

Yeah, I’ve been there too.

Just 8 months ago, I was confused about the direction of my business. Who I was serving. What I was providing. How to pull my goals and dreams together in a tangible way that could be both impactful and profitable.

Being on the other side of this ongoing process, I can tell you that having an accountability partner, a team of cheerleaders, or a business coach is one of the most powerful ways to reach your goals and achieve success (however you’ve defined it).

Here’s a little story about how my accountability partners and I connected:
I was having coffee with Susan one day and sharing with her my struggle to get clear on how I was moving forward with my business. She, too, shared with me how she had several personal goals that she needed support to organize and achieve.

And then a light bulb went off in her head. (I saw it light up!)

She proposed that we reach out to her friend, Kelli, who she told me at the time is a power-house of a strategic thinker and a trained facilitator who would be able to guide us on the right path and serve as our accountability partner along the way.

Susan was so right!

Just a few weeks later, the three of us kicked off what has become the backbone of support for each of our projects and businesses. We meet every 4-6 weeks, set goals, and then check in with each other bi-weekly. We root each other on, build each other up when that’s what’s needed, and ask tough questions that keep us on-course.

I have a huge amount of gratitude to both Susan and Kelli for their accountability, support, and friendship along the way. I’ve come so far and I owe so much of this growth to them!

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with an accountability team or business coach. And each time, I realize the deep impact that having my very own personal cheerleader provides. …actively participating on the sidelines, cheering me on, and supporting my growth? It doesn’t get better.

You might be thinking: Nice story, Rachel… I’m glad that’s going so well for you. Now how do I find the right accountability partner and set it up to be valuable for both us?

It’s simple. You don’t have to be in the same field of work. Your goals don’t need to be similar. You just need these three ingredients: support, encouragement, and commitment.

Accountability is a system of reciprocity. Your partner confides and invests in you, just as you confide and invest in them. And they will hold you to the standards that you set for yourself. So when you’re scrolling through your contacts and envisioning who could become your accountability partner or #1 cheerleader, think about those people with whom you have already developed a level of trust.

True partners tell you when you could be more honest with yourself, call you out when you’re off-course, and help redirect you when you’re not meeting your potential. The same is true for an accountability partner, and the empowerment that you gain from this is priceless.

Here are 5 ways an Accountability Partner (AP) will transform your business:

1 | An AP helps you articulate your goals and get them on paper. We know that goals are what power our work, and when they are written down (or typed), we are much more likely stick with them. Your accountability partner will keep you focused and drive you to work harder towards those goals. Click here to grab a goal-setting workbook to get started!

2 | An AP is the honest voice you need to reach your potential. Sometimes… every once in a while… you may get off-track or start down a road that doesn’t align with your overarching goals. Your accountability partner needs to have the comfort to say it like it is. S/he will tell you when you’re rocking it out, and also gently tell you when you need to shift gears. Having this trusting relationship with your AP makes the partnership that much meaningful and your goal-oriented work that much stronger.

3 | An AP will keep you on-track and help you create systems and stay organized so that your goals are clear, priorities are identified, and timelines are achievable. If organization is not your forte, your accountability partner’s value sky-rockets in this area as productivity is down when you lack focus.

4 | An AP is a great sounding board. Your accountability partner is the perfect person to bounce ideas around with or when you’re testing out new program or content ideas. S/he will give you the feedback that you need to refine and strengthen your work in a “safe” space before taking it to a broader audience. Having this first-level sounding board will keep you from launching with something that’s not in line with your potential, values, and professional standards.

5 | An AP will motivate you more than you can motivate yourself. Have you had that feeling of excitement and drive about a specific project only to see it diminish over time? Your accountability partner will provide the motivation and encouragement you need to remain fueled, or get refueled. They will encourage and inspire you – over and over again – to show up for yourself and in the name of what you’re hoping to achieve.

The key to getting the support, encouragement, and guidance you need to articulate goals, prioritize your projects and time, stay focused, and achieve success is an accountability partner (or cheerleader or business coach). Having that person on your team is where the magic really happens.

I’m such a believer in this combination for success that I’ve created a Business Bootcamp (From No to Go in 90 Days) to help you clarify your goals, create strategies for achieving them, and receive the inspiration/guidance/support you need to reach your desired destination. (Is it a business? non-profit? freelance consulting? artistry?)

From No to Go in 90 Days will be launched as an online course in the next few months. Sign up below to be notified when enrollment is open!


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