Have you ever started a new eating plan (aka diet) or committed to an exercise routine only to lose momentum before your routine even began?
benefits of a business coach
Yeah, unfortunately I know that scenario all too well. Anything related to fitness and food, and my will power tanks. Setting goals and going after them is a great first step. But many of us find challenges in the execution. Why? Because it’s hard to stay accountable to ourselves. It’s the same reason that we devote so much time to others and not enough time to ourselves. We need support. We need someone to hold our hand, guide us through the winding roads, train us, give us strategies and tools, and celebrate with us when we reach a milestone. That’s what fuels our work, our commitments. And that’s why your success rate is so closely tied to the community that surrounds you. Have you ever wondered why Olympians have coaches who train and guide them? They are leaders in their field, and yet, they know that they can only go so far on their own. It’s the same for business. According to Bloomberg, 80% of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. And I’d venture to add that it’s due to a lack of having the foundational elements of the business in place and being surrounded by those who can help you achieve success. That brilliant business idea can only take you so far. And that’s why so many business owners have their own business coach and consultant. Because they can help you go farther faster. Here are 5 benefits you’ll reap by investing in working with a business coach. 1 | EXPERTISE – A business coach comes with her experience and expertise and provides the structure, tools, and resources you need across your business. How do I confirm viability of my business model before going all in? How can I connect with my tribe? Get clients to sign on? Differentiate myself? HOW?! What’s a value proposition, and how do I establish it for my business? What should my marketing strategy look like, and how do I know where to spend my resources? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! …that a business coach can guide you through. And knowing that you have this coach at your fingertips will reduce overwhelm and confusion dramatically. 2 | SOUNDING BOARD – A business coach is a great sounding board, listening to your ideas and helping you clarify and refine them before diving in. Having someone to bounce your ideas off of allows you to explore viability before investing critical resources into something that lacks potential. 3 | ACCOUNTABILITY – A business coach is your accountability partner, helping you create targeted, realistic, and manageable goals and remain in alignment with them. They guide you to execute your vision according to the due dates you set together. I always say about my clients: They could do this work on their own, it’s just that they can’t. Meaning, they’re talented, bright, and resourceful – but it’s hard to know what order in which to tackle things, not get overwhelmed, and stay on track without the support. 4 | THAT FRIENDLY PUSH – A business coach will push you out of your comfort zone, encourage you to explore ideas and strategies, and give you a boost of confidence when it’s needed. Knowing that you have a partner to help you stay focused and confident will help you reach your potential. 5 | THEIR TOOLBOX OVERFLOWS – Your business coach or consultant should come with an overflowing toolbox to guide you in whatever direction you need. I always provide my clients with a list of my favorite business tools or apps, introductions to professional resources in areas they’re seeking, workbooks, action steps, and more. Having someone at your fingertips with the wealth of resources that you need is yet one more benefit of working with a business coach. Do you currently work with a Business Coach? Comment below and let me know what you feel are the biggest benefits?


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