I wrote a guest post for Ladyboss Blogger recently titled “How to Become a More Productive Person” and today I’m sharing these 14 tips with you!

productivity tips

While there are countless productivity strategies you can employ in your life and business, these are the ones that have pumped up my own productivity and helped me maximize the windows of time I have to work each day.

1) Set goals
2) Learn to say no
3) Create a “today” list
4) Manage a “parking lot”
5) Automate and batch your projects
6) Focus
7) Use the 2-Minute Rule
8) Reduce clutter
9) Find shortcuts
10) Set times to check email and social media
11) Turn off your alerts
12) Use templates
13) Self care
14) Set it up Sunday!

When you employ these productivity strategies, you will see how your goals, projects and schedule transform into a streamlined system that positions you for success.

Want to learn more? Read the full article here. 


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